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VivifyScrum started as a SaaS project management tool that offers the possibility of creating Scrum or Kanban boards for managing all sorts of projects effectively. It was the first in-house project for our company.

The VivifyScrum web application exists since 2014. Since focusing on priorities can be difficult in the browser among a number of opened tabs, we needed to offer a solution to our users. After a successful launch of the VivifyScrum iOS app, we wanted to bring VivifyScrum app to users’ docks and taskbars, and to provide a distraction-free environment. However, we still wanted to keep the familiar and sleek user experience of the VivifyScrum web app.


By following our initial idea, we chose Electron framework for building a desktop version of VivifyScrum. It allowed cross-platform development while using well-known web technologies such as JavaScriptHTML and CSS. Another advantage of Electron is that it enables automatic updates of the app.

By writing libraries for the purpose of building VivifyScrum, the team contributed to the open-source community. They’ve written a simple Keyboard shortcut plugin for Vue and a simple and high-speed Markdown Parser for Vue.

The number of team members varied depending on the stage of the project but it always consisted of several full-stack developers, QA engineers and a designer.

VivifyScrum desktop application offers all available features in the web app – all functionalities and possibilities to efficiently manage projects and teams. It can be downloaded and installed on all three platforms (iOS, Windows and Linux).


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