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Robly Chrome Extensions

Robly is a startup that was founded in 2011. Their solution uses automation and artificial intelligence technologies to observe users behavior and to deliver email campaigns. Robly wanted to expand their business, so they decided to offer their clients a Chrome extension. Robly’s idea was to enable their clients to handle their Gmail contacts and to track contacts’ activities directly in their browser without the need to manually import contacts to Robly app. The development of the extension was outsourced to our team.

Our team consisted of one frontend developer and one tester. During the development of the Chrome plugin, our team collaborated with two JavaScript developers from Robly.


For building Robly360 CRM for Gmail extension, our team used Vue.js.

The Robly extension interacts with user actions and Robly’s API enabling users to easily update their contacts’ data. Robly360 for Gmail syncs with a linked Robly account so that information added from Gmail inbox automatically syncs with the Robly account. It helps users organize all interaction and follow up with users’ customers and prospects.

Our team also collaborated with Robly on their another project – Robly Forms App.


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