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Purple Patriot

Purple Patriot was founded in 2017. Clients turned to us when they needed to make a newly redesigned version of the application. The job of our team was the development of the application’s architecture, adjustment of UX and UI and rebranding. We worked on both Android and iOS applications.

The team worked as a part of the wider international team consisted of the Product Owner (our client), full-stack developers, one designer, one QA engineer, System Admin and one data scraping engineer.

As with all other projects we work on, we used Scrum framework while developing Purple Patriot in order to work closely with the client and other stakeholders to receive their timely feedback. The Scrum process was managed by our Scrum Master.


Two full-stack developers were working on the backend part of the applications – admin area and data API – for which they chose the PHP framework Laravel. For generating admin panel interface in the application, our team used our open-source library Admin panel generator. For the frontend part, they used Ionic app platform for hybrid mobile app development.

Our designer worked on various aspects of Purple Patriot project. His main role was the design of both Android and iOS app. Since our team was responsible for rebranding too, the designer worked on the website, t-shirts, flyers and other visuals.

Our work on the backend side provided different ways of managing data including news, legislators, bills and a preview of the user’s statistics. The frontend side of the applications provided personalized USA legislature that is based on users’ ZIP code (their current location) as well as important political news and gatherings near them.


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